About Us

R&D Green Mart is part of the R&D Innovative solutions which aims to develop commercial agro entrepreneurs by providing  training, consultation and mentor farmers. In addition, R&D group is the publisher of Commercial Agricultural Magazine named “Krishak Ra Prabidhi”.

R&D Green Mart provides local green vegetables, fruits and dairy product at a reasonable price in Kathmandu and its surroundings. These shops are a solution to replace the regular agro chain where many middle men benefit from great market margin at the expenses of the farmers. Therefore, there is a need to address this situation linking farmers to market directly, which is the main objective of the R&D Green Mart. This new chain excludes middle men and thus helps the farmers as they are now paid at a fair price.

Furthermore, R&D owns a 200 ropani farmhouse and work with 40 families. In those farms they encourage the use of cheap and local technologies, such as homemade composts, to reduce the costs of the production and to respect the environment. This implies that the Green Marts are able to sell their products at a cheaper price in comparison to the local market.


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